Current op5 System version: 2018.g.2-op5.1.20180711120010.el6

Service & Support

Detailed information regarding Service and Support is covered in the general mandatory op5 Service and support agreement.This needs to be in place prior to contacting op5 Support.

Note: If you have purchased this system trough an op5 authorized dealer always contact your dealer first.

For fast support, proceed to www.op5.com/support and fill out the support form.

Request for Enhancement (RFE)

Every RFE are of interest to us. You might not be alone with an idea or suggestion on a feature or other enhancements to the system. The RFE will be prioritized higher and come at a cheaper per-customer price if many customers have requested similar enhancements.

You can add your enhancement request at: www.op5.com/support

Software Licensing Information

The op5 System and most of the added extra software packages included under the GNU General Public License (GPL) 2.0. The Apache webserver is licensed under the Apache Software Foundation License.

op5 retains strict legal copyright on all software, be it scripts, sourcecode or binaries, that are written from scratch by the op5 development team. All rights are reserved.

For further questions regarding copyright and licensing, contact info@op5.com